$PRVB Not sure why anyone would sell before ADA at this point other than not wanting to hold over a long weekend. Imagine what the world would have said last year that instead of delaying for 2 additional years that 50% of the Teplizumab group have not developed T1D after 6+ years. The key is are those 50% cured and never will develop T1D because Teplizumab has reset their immune system. The answer is more than likely yes. Cured. Now what we may also find out is that the majority of the 50% were all under 18 and the cure rate for children under 18 was closer to 80%. Imagine if that is true. Hmmm. I wonder what the world will think if we have a cure?
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@microcapspeculator we haven’t heard them explicitly say “cure” have we? I believe I’ve heard “indefinitely delay”. Maybe semantics but I do think it will matter once the story hits mainstream.
@PLATOSCAVE Even the At Risk group basically have T1D it just has not developed fully. So when they never develop it's basically a cure. Preventing, curing same net effect.
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