$ATOM Patent number 13 issued so far in 2020. These patents are beyond just the MST technology and if they are used in parts going forward would be an entirely different royalty stream. Not just the billions from the wafers. Patents Assigned to ATOMERA INCORPORATED Semiconductor device including enhanced contact structures having a superlattice Patent number: 10777451 Abstract: A semiconductor device may include a semiconductor substrate having a trench therein, and a superlattice liner at least partially covering bottom and sidewall portions of the trench. The superlattice liner may include a plurality of stacked groups of layers, with each group of layers including a plurality of stacked base semiconductor monolayers defining a base semiconductor Type: Grant Filed: March 8, 2019 Date of Patent: September 15, 2020 Assignee: ATOMERA INCORPORATED Inventors: Robert John Stephenson, Richard Burton, Dmitri Choutov, Nyles Wynn Cody, Daniel Connelly, Robert J Mears, Erwin Trautmann
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