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    Oneil Falknor Joined Aug 12, 2012

    I have been trading for years, I will use my skill to help others. I will only tweet when I enter or exit a trade in real time. Contact me if needed. Thank you, Oneil


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      Steve Gregor
      A trader who got tired of the old-paradigm (and it's 95% failure rate)... now trading Harmonic Wave Convergence with some pitchfork assistance ... trade everything from 3-minute to 8-hour in the Forex ... mainly EUR/USD.
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      Simple, Consistent Trading Methodology . We hold the highest standard in posting on Stocktwits. Showing you all phases of the trade.Process you can trust. Join us and prosper- Risk Disclosure:
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      Xavier Lindsey
      I am no professional, I am just your average Joe, with a interest in Earning additional income. I know few people with an Interest in investing, so I am mostly self taught through online resources & experience.
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      John Wrinn
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      Jan Vajda
      Jan Vajda Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Europe
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      Matias Scalres
      CEO, Founder and primary FOREX Trader of company Graydon Group Limited. I managed accounts (copy trades) and provide FOREX&GOLD signals.
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      Tod Esquivel
      #1 Indianapolis Weight Loss and Body Transformation Boot Camp Classes with locations all around Central Indiana!
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      Yagmur KURT
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      Rachel Hunter
      I'm a successful private forex trader who helps other traders to make it happen in forex. Giving the stuff that makes a difference to your trading.
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      John WIlson
      Commodities trader, sharing news, tips & trades. Copy me via
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      robert ebert
      President B E GENERAL CONTRACTING, INC., business degree, Masters in BS, investor, not easy being me!
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      Bryan Edwards
      I live in Roaring River, NC where I trade and help others trade HarmonicWaveConvergence using the ShredderFX strategy and "EdwardsAngles" via, come join the new paradigm. Charts tweeted here are from my live charts that I trade.
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      Private Pro FX Wanna-be
      ♣ Private Professional Forex Trader Wanna-be. 4.416 yrs in FX. I try to Scalp 20Pips aDay for "Daily Bread", to catch a Daytrade, to a Swing, to create Positions. Follow me & I'll Follow you too, if you're a REAL person & not a SCAMMER service.
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      Possoro Capital
      Private Equity, Strategic Financial Planning, & Strategic Investment Planning Consultancy (Disclaimer: All "ideas" are solely for educational purposes and do NOT render investment advice and/or other services for the benefit of the originator)
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      Jeff Robinson
      $ZDVN - Evangelist @contrariansmind 30+ Years Pro Trader Founder of
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      Fabian Garcia
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      Aurora Speedster
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      Carol - seeking profit opportunities in both rising & falling markets, tho I prefer the bull side. Founder of a non-profit German Shepherd Rescue and VP of The Seminar Group. I trade using pocket pivots & O'Neil's CANSLIM methods.
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      Ferran Font
      I'm a Scalp trader, Trading forex and futures, Trading fibo and against support and resistance. Market Profile and Jarilla. Good reliable signals given on twitter @ferranfontSCALP Aware to learn from your system.