Can anyone believe this guy 不不不不 he states that car windows (normal car windows) are stronger than the Cybertruck windows by citing that they have to pass a machine driving a 2x4 at it at 160 miles per hour. 不不不 I guess that our cops which break normal car windows with a simple baton have the strength of a 2x4 going at 160mph. But the Cybertruck's windows only cracked and rebounded/rejected and theoretically prevented that STEEL ball bearing of hitting a driver on the head.
@mike24pr @JackSquare haha youre fucking delusional I live where hurricanes are prevalent and glass has to pass a machine driving a two by four at it , at 160 mph , not some sissy boi that throws something like a freaking teenage girl and shatters bullet proof glass.....wake the fuck up koolaid troll
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