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    Mike Tedeschi Official Account Joined Aug 05, 2013

    Finding truth in charts and tuning out the noise. Owner of CHARTS DONT LIE LLC. Professional Trader and Trade Coach. Please reach out to see how I can help you become a better trader. Join my day trade chat room


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      I don't follow the stocks I talk about. I have no skin in the game at the moment. When I start trading my own account (probably this winter) then I'll delete this account and start a new one. That's the account I'll be following stocks I talk about.
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      Day Trader Paradise Futures
      Live screenshare daily. Learn the secret world of market makers. Plan to the penny and be one step ahead. Our mentors will coach you directly. Always FREE chatroom! DTP are not not licensed professionals, posts are not investment advice.
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      Jake Wujastyk Official Account
      *6 Week Course*Skype Q&A's:$35/Hour*$15 Detailed Chart Requests* All charts from TradingView. Payment Link: Charts/posts are solely for education and entertainment, NOT financial advice for buying or selling. Message for details!
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      Peter Griffin
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      Jeff Spicoli
      West coast surfer. High school student trying to pass finals. Vans lover. I make bank.
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      You can fall in love with the company, but just trade the stock.
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      I post signals which reflect a short-term bias. I rely on a momentum-based trading style with an eye for spotting divergences and counter moves. Most posts here are for my own reference. Feel free to message me with any questions
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      Thomas Jefferson
      A simple Virginia farmer and staunch advocate for Reason, Rationality and Independence.
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      Higher Low
      Take a FREE 5 day COURSE which defines my strategy.
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      David Moadel
      Find plenty of options/stock education at: *** Find me on Twitter at: *** (For informational purposes only; I am not licensed to provide investment advice)
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      rick pell
      The way to show gratitude for the gift of life is living it daily in kindness and to the fullest with given and learned ability. Remember no sense will = no cents sooner than later so we should be here to just enjoy the thrill of the Market
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      Full-time daytrader w/ IRS trader tax status. Ultra short term momentum/technical scalps using charts. Rarely hold overnight. I don't care what a company says or does, the tape controls all. I will never recommend any trades. Moves posted R 4 my acct
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      Matthew Thury, CFA Official Account
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      Joseph James
      Trader, Teacher & Leader. Specializing in intra-day moves on the Gold, Crude, Euro and E-Minis. I run a trade room that opens @ 8:00am EST each day M-F. 800.381.2084 Skype: SchoolOfTrade
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      Don Shabani
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      Tony Porkari
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day/swing trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. Algo returned 242% in 10 months. Sign-up for our daily trades at Please follow us that we can communicate via PMs.
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      Wilson Lee
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      Joe Schmoe
      Tremarctos floridanus