$ADMA Piotroski F-score is only 3, out of the total of 9. Such a low Piotroski F-score indicates the company is getting worse in multiple aspects in the areas of profitability, funding and efficiency. In this case, investors should look beyond the low valuation of the company and make sure it has no long-term risks. To learn more about how the Piotroski F-score measures the business trend of a company, please go here. Furthermore, ADMA Biologics has an Altman Z-score of -0.91, which indicates that the financial condition of the company is in the distressed zone and implies a higher risk of bankruptcy. Date ADMA Shares Outstanding 5/12/2017 12.89M 8/11/2017 25.79M 11/1/2017 25.79M 3/9/2018 45.32M 5/14/2018 36.73M 8/8/2018 46.35M 11/5/2018 46.35M 3/11/2019 46.35M 5/7/2019 46.38M 8/6/2019 59.32M 11/1/2019 59.32M 3/10/2020 86.35M 5/4/2020 86.35M 8/3/2020 86.35M 11/2/2020 94.55M 3/16/2021 121.28M 5/7/2021 128.19M