$AKTS The recent sales by Moderna and Pfizer execs under the guise of their 10b5-1 plans have brought a lot of scrutiny into the whole 10b5-1 game. These are comments by an NPR reporter on the subject: "Outgoing SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has called for a 4 or 6-month "cooling off period" for corporate execs' pre-set stock trading plans (known as 10b5-1 plans)....Maryland Senator @ChrisVanHollen noted that he and Nebraska @SenatorFischer have been urging the SEC to take a hard look these plans, suggesting that executives' stock sales have hurt public confidence." It's about time. The rules now are a joke. "Did you just sell a sh!t ton of stock?" "Yep, 10b5-1 plan." "Did you just sell even more stock?" "Yep, modified my 10b5-1 plan."
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