$AMC Credit: lethal stocks on webull If we were wrong, they would have covered by now. If we were wrong, they wouldn't have hired thousands of shills and written bot scripts for accounts. If we were wrong, they wouldn't be offering people money to become bots. If we were wrong, they wouldn't be shutting down YouTube investors and sending cease and desist letters to financial investment brokers who speak out against them. If we were wrong, they wouldn't tell us we were wasting our money. If we were wrong, they wouldn't need to continue to borrow shares just to fight us. And finally if we were wrong, THEY WOULD HAVE DISPROVEN OUR DD AND FACTS..THEY HAVE YET TO DISPROVE IT OR WHY THE MOASS WON'T HAPPEN. NOT A SINGLE SHRED
@stocks315 have you ever seen an interview with a hedge fund manager about this situation? Has anyone from Citadel spoke about situation dealing with amc or GME in general? They are the main fund being attacked! They don’t want to clarify not being the evil empire they are being called out as?
@IamTheReson @stocks315 yeah if they were being slandered the lawsuit would already be processed. They keep quiet and try to wiggle their way out. If that isn't an admission of guilt I don't know what is. They are not the only one though just have been singled out by us. Plenty of big players helping them out including our tax funded SEC. Our government oversight needs to be overhauled or have to deal with the consequences of what all of us piss ants banded together are capable of!
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