$WISH Just wrote to the Shtonk's Board of Directors AGAIN. If they even adopt half the ideas I came up with, they would become profitable. For example, they are obligated to collect VAT taxes. Well, they have to pay legal and tax personnel to stay on top of that. If they charged just $.10/transaction, that is $100,000/1M transactions. We don't know how many transactions they had, but if we take $189M (their revenue last quarter) and divide it by 90 (approximate days in a quarter) That comes to an average of $2.1M/Day. If the average order is $5 then that comes to an average of 420k orders/day. With just an extra $.10/order The shtonk could make an extra $42k/day. Or 3.78M/quarter. Just imagine if they charged an extra $.25/ order. Like charge normal amounts like $4.49 for something instead of some whacky number like $4.21 lol. If you want to write them remember the BoD. Not IR!