$VXRT Confirming @GreenBioAnalyst who is doing the heavy lifting. Mouse A regular mouse is not a good model for COVID-19 since the ACE2 receptor is not well conserved between mice and humans. The differences in the amino acid residue sequence that make mice resistant to the virus have led researchers to use transgenic mice with the human ACE2 receptor instead... (its complicated with a mouse) Hamster Hamsters have strong upper and lower respiratory tract viral loads, and infected models exhibit pulmonary histopathology characteristic of human COVID-19 cases. In addition, studies have shown transmission by direct contact in hamsters, but access to species-specific reagents is more limited than with mice since hamsters are not as widely used. However, hamster transgenic strains exist that could help with the study of the molecular pathways that help to restrict systemic viral dissemination. camargopharma.com/resources... The image shows slight better support with hamsters than all others:
$VXRT hamster is highly CORRELATIONAL into Humans❗❗More so than NHP! KNOW THAT so bears can't steal your shares. When that hamster data comes out, we skyrocket. Other countries will place their buys of on our ORAL TABLET vaccine. Remember, HIGH DEMAND EXCEED SUPPLIES, so pricing power lies with VXRT.
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