$CELZ IMO..... The world is so impatient these days. Everybody expects instant gratification. I am old school when it comes to investing. The majority of my investment dollars are in companies with products that serve a useful unmet demand. I have been on CRMD for 2 1/2 years. The time is now for CRMD. I have also been in PAVM from below the $1.00 range. PAVM is now starting it's move. I admit that am not smart enough to catch every high and every low. I also know that am not the best chart reader. In the end I am content with the strategy I use. My plan is to slowly accumulate during the ups and downs so that I am ready for the moment the PPS reflects the true value of the company. Everyone has a right to trade however they want to. Nothing wrong with anything that works for someone. I will continue to add on dips and hold in CELZ. In time I believe that I will be extremely satisfied for my time invested. GLTA