$WKHS - To those concerned about competition and reduced market share, this is a HUGE market. A good friend of mine works for Pitney Bowes, he recently told me something pretty shocking, logistic companies lost their asses this year! You would think with the huge increase in deliveries this year because of Covid, logistic companies would have made a mint, but they didn't. Why? In large part it was a lack of last mile delivery trucks. He explained it to me like this - with the large increase in deliveries and the lack of last mile trucks, they couldn't get warehouse outgoing up with warehouse incoming. This meant their warehouses were full and they couldn't offload semi's coming into the warehouse. He told me many warehouses had miles of semi's waiting to be offloaded and drivers sleeping in their trucks. This lead to massive penalties that lead to losses. After Covid is gone the number of deliveries is going to remain high, there is plenty of room in this business.
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