$AMRS Setting aside the hand sanitizer which benefited from an unrepeatable set of circumstances, the purecane launch on Amazon is, by far, Amyris' most successful product launch ever. It's a superior product that has gained rapid adoption and carries best-in-class ratings which will fuel future growth. I was pimping Biossance as f**king hard as I could in February of 2018 (1-year after Sephora relaunch) and nobody had heard of the brand. Another point of reference. Check the most reviewed pipette product (baby balm) on Amazon. It averages a review every 73.5 hours where the purecane sachets are getting reviewed every 18.5 hours for a 300% higher review frequency. Not to mention 4.8 stars vs 4.2 for the baby balm. Added bonus, Amyris can point to the success on Amazon with the B2C product as they negotiate with B2B partners (soft drinks, baked goods, etc) to demonstrate that their products will be differentiated with the addition of Amyris' Reb-M product.
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@mmrak Can you do an updated purecane scraping? Both products are now well under 50 in their sub-category (Stevia Sugar Substitutes). Thank you!
@GreenAndGreen You are right, two days ago the ranking of both purcane SKUs inproved significantly...both below 50 and it has been stable for almost three days!
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