With $TSLA earnings this coming week, how do you all think the overall EV market will do? $DPHC has the merger, $WKHS just got through a volatile week. $NIO broke out. $SOLO starting to uptrend with near term catalysts. What are the outcomes with weak, moderate, or strong Tesla earnings?
@Trade4Keeps do you guys think $SOLO has a shot ? Am honestly asking , they have potential but the product adaption will be an up hill battle for the company IMO . Again I could be mistaken .
@I_spy @Trade4Keeps the tiny car idea has been done before with extreme mpg and it didn’t catch on. I see no reason an electric tiny car will succeed in any profitable way. The only chance solo have is if the make a normal sized car and change their brand name. How many of these do you see on the roads?