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      Killer Calls (See Below)
      Recent calls: RTNB 538% AUPH +490% RLOG 450% ATOS 273%, CIDM 220% NETE 266% EVOK 112% $CREG 548% RPRX 150% MTBC 189% LINU 168% INFI 250% email-->
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      Abir Aziz
      Buy/Short the value, fact, number and trust of a company. If we don't know why we are buying/shorting the stock of a company then that is our risky investment. A buy/short of today can be a worst position for tomorrow. Follow & join us for study
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      Greg Harmon Official Account
      Founder and President Dragonfly Capital. Managed Accounts, Premium Service and free blog at, Professional Stock and Option trader, Author, Get my book here, Adjunct Prof at Case Weatherhead School of Management
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      Jon Boorman, CMT Official Account
      Trend follower, portfolio manager, market technician. Former sales trader to hedge funds/institutions, research analyst, prop trader, buy-side head of desk. Only took 25 years to find what works for me. Always learning.
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      When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself. Do the necessary research, study and analysis before making any investment decisions. Play on Value and facts! Check our website; Join us free @discord link-Best wishes
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      Mat Trader
      PhD-Mechanical Engineering, 6 Sigma Black Belt, Entrepreneur and 13 year retail trader. Passionate about innovation and value creation. Educating myself to be a better trader every day. Plan to escape the 8 2 5 and become a venture capitalist.
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      Greg Krupinski Official Account
      I believe price action is the best data available when making investing decisions. Co-trader at Also find me on Twitter @G_krupins.
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      It's All About The Options
      Devoted to the study of stock options flow targeting consistent entry and exit that beats the SP 500.
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      Finding stocks to swing/day-trade with scanners that produce high percentage plays. Click link below to join my chat. I do one one coaching sessions as well Email:
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      Claire David
      Trading Options and OTC
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      Trading stocks OVER the market. I base my trades on technical analysis, active in the markets since 1990. See link to my chat room below.
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      Mohannad Aama Official Account
      Portfolio Manager at Beam Capital Management
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      Institutional Investor Official Account
      Institutional Investor is a leading international business to business publisher, focused primarily on international finance. We publish magazines, newsletters & journals and provide electronic business information through our capital market database
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      Stocks Digest
      Alerts are derived exclusively from our chatroom. We focus on creating a community which cultivates success. Limited memberships available below:
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      FILTERED, ACTIONABLE BREAKING NEWS - Rumors, Hit Pieces, Hit Tweets, Insider Trading , TV & Article Pumps, M&A, UOTA, Share BBacks, FDA Notices, Not Investment Advice. Take EVERY post with or without a source as RUMOR. Do your own due diligence.
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      Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about my posts. All of my opinions are just that, I'm not a licensed professional nor do I claim to have inside knowledge of the markets. Ask me where I trade socially!
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      Join the elite with high end scanners to take your trading to an unprecedented level >> Join 4000+ traders here >>>
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      Jackie H
      Without data you're just another person with an opinion.