$SAVA the major problem here is the scientific professionals can’t agree on weather or not any of these errors make a difference. You have the petitioner hire a law firm and claim fraud. All the while shorting the stock. Only to come out days later to acknowledge their short position( does anyone doubt that if that knowledge was made available to begin with the claims may have been taken less serious). Then recently two separate papers written by professionals in the area in question came to the conclusion that not only are errors systemic in research papers but they in no way change the facts( sava has done absolutely nothing wrong). Who has the bigger reason to make a mountain out of an ant hill. The only way to end the conversation once and for all is to have the original images and every scientist knows they’d be discarded once verified and published. It’s really dirty and if the petitioner had doubts they should’ve discretely questioned sava not spill the news on the public