$TBLT The problem these former bulls had way back was their inability to understand how the toxic debt, R/S's , heavy shorting, and such was working against them. It was all there in the SEC filings. I used to batlle them daily as a bear because I read the filings. In fact my profile pic and name is a throw back to my bearish sentiment from those days. Why ami I bullish now? Because I read the filings of course! The filings show that there was a retail shareholder revolt at the June 11 2021 shareholders meeting. They voted down a R/S and increase in authorized shares. The last form 425 b lays out all the outstanding warrants and updated OS count. Go look at page s-4 at the bottom. If you add all the outstanding warrants out there before last offering plus offering shares and warrants comes out to around 195 million shares. They are effectivley tapped out. Guessing they left 5 mil for exec compensation. Dilution is done folks ......you should be buying. The bears still dont read!