$PXS alright folks here’s my thoughts. Shipper mania” started 2016 when drys ships ran from 4 per share to 112 per share. Every year since there was so much psychological mass mentality action on these low floats that will be or more of them ran big. This year is no different only people started talking shopper season early like around sept/oct. then after tops prospectus already scared investors there was decent action for the last week of oct and the first day of November for n glbs,pxs,and ctrm ( the main low float names). ship started to get a nice move and looked like a healthy er was coming and the er was infact good but hey rookie sold the news creating a psychological effect akin to being scared to fly Boeing because the one jet was faulty do u understand? This coupled with no real 100% runner created a mass mentality view that no shippers season is happening and everyone sold : (part 1 )
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