$PXS this sell off was due to psychological effect nothing fundamentally changed. Last week or two ( not shipping season) people were gladly paying 3.70-4 for ctrm and 1.60-1.77 for pxs and 2.85-2.95 for glbs and why? Because when the real run occurs those will all be great entries to profit right? Now pxs is 1.30 probably the cheapest shipper for quality and run potential from this price, glbs is what 2.30-2.42 or something and ctrm dipped earlier in the day to 2.80 and was eaten up so quick it’s now back over 3.20-3.30 ish already. These fluke lucky psychological sell off prices are the times you can create quick wealth growth if you are savvy and fast to act. I don’t care what about r which u buy as this is no pump or Ta simply a friendly heads up as to why this anomaly was cured and how to capitalize. There is my analysis, my thoughts and your heads up. Have a good night
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