$APHA for those looking for the next big cannabis millionaire maker here’s the info in continuation of my thoughts earlier. Remember I caught every Canadian company at its lows past few years and guided you through its highest profits while getting you out before the crashes. The u.s will be creating the next wave of millionaires in cannabis investment and here’s the info:crestco labs and the way into crestco labs? Through buying origin house formerly known as canna royalty). Do your dd as crestco has made an offer almost finalized for 1 billion dollars for origin house. It is equal to 0.8428 shares of crestco per origin house share so where’s the benefit? Origin house trades currently at only 2.77 cents whereas crestco stock is 6.07 per share. Understand? The street has priced it as if the deal won’t go through but it will. By purchasing origin house( orhof) any amount you invest from 1000 to 100k you will almost double immediately. Check the numbers yourself
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