@Patch1 hey long time no speak I only have a min but I realize after your epic run up that u are holding trees so I wanted to give u a little helper. Not sure if u saw my posts but crestco labs is buying orhof for 1 billion at 0.8428 shares of crestco per orhof sgare( origin house) currently there is a big spread because origin had dipped a lot before approval so if quick u can capture a big return. Find crestco labs u.s price not cdn then multiply it by 0.8428 to get what u will receive for each share of origin house( orhof) then look at you rigid house price u will notice everyone is rushing over because it’s a huge spread but if your in quick u can capitalize I believe it works out to 5.88 per share they are getting paid and it’s up today as more people realize but it’s still at mid 3,s so huge profit if u can grab enough before it’s closed
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