$OGI wholly crap people could be in a house on fire and misunderstand me yelling get out” lol I just got a bunch of messages from people asking if I’m saying buy ogi nooo. I’m using ogi room because it’s cannabis investors and there’s no room for canna royalty now known as origin house and it’s symbol is orhof is that more clear. A u.s behemoth cannabis company named crestco labs is buying origin house cannabis company with the symbol orhof. It is being bought for 5.50 per share next week closing November 15 th at the latest and it only costs 3.70 to buy one orhof stock of you are fast. Does everyone understand? You can sit here with r any other stock on the planet and get 1/2/3% or u can buy origin house get 70% guaranteed on the buyout on any amount u invest then buy whatever stock u want after what don’t people get? Il say it clearly don’t take my word for it go check for yourself. U could liquidate stale stock that your down on and make it back and more simply by buying orhof
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