$LIFE I say it daily/ hourly even but the reason these posts are important if u listen is because it’s the same thing I said to those that couldn’t see the outcome last time wished they had of many times in a row now. Hundreds infact meaning is it possible that the stocks I tell u about today could possibly be these brags in the future? Yeah sure there’s a handful that took time or were slow but seriously? Anyone paying attention has seen the massive gains across all industries all sectors, all float sizes over and over now. Earlier I gave u your big runners post thanksgiving I hope you paid attention and acted. Go through my posts and verify for yourself. A 15000 investor could have been a millionaire this past 8 days alone had you played my alerts and rolled them into each other correctly. And simply anyone that bought my alerts on average made 30-80% this week. Not sure what your mutual funds or ira make u yearly but I’d say pay attention. Cheers happy thanksgiving
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