$CNET ok folks massive week ahead mainly and finally the phase 1 China/u.s trade signing on wed. As you all saw at the end of last week the low float China’s that have been artificially cheap started popping off running upwards of 20-50% in a day. There is far more to come and people that are late to the party will be rushing in before it’s too late to grab positions. Cnet has moved upward since my original alert but has not even begun and actually has a catalyst coming near term likely this month with pr about blockchain in the company. This stock can double from here and still be cheap. Do not forget this stock has gone on big runs many times including once closing at 1.50 and opening the next morning at $10 per share with less catalyst then is coming near term here. That being said I will be adding everything I can in the morning as it is one of the biggest potential runners still in the buy zone price wise. Cheers everyone see you Monday
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