$HEXO part1: the u.s the largest cannabis market on the planet with California, Illinois, Florida and others each having a larger cannabis market then all of Canada combined. Imagine all the mega lp in Canada fighting over Canada’s tiny market and some u.s lp having access to multiple markets each larger then Canada and growing. Liberty health sciences symbol lhsif is second in Florida in flower sales. So imagine in a market twice the size of Canada owening #2 in sales right. So how much per share you ask? $30? $20? No lhsif is only .51 cents per share just like cgc was 1.75 per share pre legalization before it hit 77 cdn. The big money to be made is in the u.s folks. Just like I brought u all the big Canadian hitters before the big run and got u out before the big dump now is the time to buy south and lhsif is top takeover(buyout) candidate for the big boys looking to get into Florida
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