@Skippy_von_Snootington no sir u don’t know me. I’m not a short. I help people avoid bad investments. Look into me a bit more you will understand. Wtrh was just .39 days ago. I alerted it as a buy at that price but 700% later it’s not an investment it’s a gamble. If u can step aside from whatever investment u have and ask yourself logically if u see anyone period passing the coronavirus to a customer then it being big news ? If the answer is no then great keep investing but remember these aren’t trained professionals. A person can have no symptoms and touch or prepare your food and the whole family or party or whatever gets covid. I can’t imagine how many people per year contract the flu from restaurants by the employees being sick. It’s nothing to do with short it’s giving people a heads up not to chase. U want to make money be in early before the rush then u don’t have to sweat fluctuations.
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