$MEDS I also wanted to guide a bit for those buying alerts. I think many people may be spreading thin and buying every alert which is not optimal. Not that they won’t run because they will but it gets scattered when you do that and doesn’t allow you to give full attention to a core portfolio. Pick and choose which u like when I alert and Id say 3-5 is optimal. Don’t worry about missing new alerts I get signals daily and once yours have returned profit you can look for the next my friends. Meds is one I would have now as it is necessary bigtime in this pandemic and the president and others have asked tele-health to be used to lessen the pressure on the health care workers and system. It is better to have 3-5 strong positions then 10-15 thin ones. If u have over bought I suggest selling as one goes green and spreading it out into the others and repeating that until u have 3-5 strong ones. Once they run you will have compounded your profits into big gains and start fresh🤝
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