$AIM lol some people give me a good laugh. No wonder so many folks aren’t profitable they have the patience of a hooker on payday trying to get to her next client and the attention span of a goldfish. Always remember you can feel free to call your local bank and they will set you up a portfolio and make u a Comfy 5-15% per year less fees. Oh and not in a market crash either. People saying “another 2 weeks” “oh it’s been forever” when it just ran to $8 like two weeks ago and thinking their few days or a week is patience. 🤦‍♀️. If you aren’t satisfied making a big gain of 50-200% on your money daily/weekly/monthly then I think it’s best you dust off your old thong and open toed platform kiss boots and hit the avenue shaking your money maker. You get paid hourly that way😉👡🧦🩲🍡🍆
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