$BPTH ok boys and girls I picked a random room to post this out to my followers and anyone paying attention. This is important especially for new folks to protect your accounts and raise your % of return in your favour. When entering any stock you should enter in 3 shots assuming you already feel the stock is at its low or has “bottomed” whatever your total allocation is for that stock say for example 1000 dollars you enter either 50% then 25/25 or 30/35/35 etc etc whatever works for you and u enter at bottom and the second shot comes if it dips 5-10% depending on the stock price. So let’s say stock x is $5 per share and u have $1000 for that stock. If u chose the 50/25/25 you would enter for 500 then if it goes up great but if it dips 5-10% u enter your next shot of 250. If it goes up after 2 shots great if it dips a further 5-10% u enter your third shot filling u up. Assuming you did your dd and first shot was at bottom then by your third u are in so cheap you are safe
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