$APHA when I alerted this on March 02nd as w hold long cannabis investment my comments were clear. I bought 125000 shares a few clients bought more and many followers bought including at least 5 that bought 100,000 shares or more. Why? Because they trust me. It was ment as a hold atleast into the election but Less then 5 months in and almost 300k profit per person made already. These are the type of gains both my long term higher float stocks and my low floaters bring you if u listen. Obviously the swings are day/week/ month type time frame for 50-200% gains and not months but then again 5 that ran 300% return past month were 3 weeks or less.🤷🏽‍♂️ u get the point. Love u all and continue to ignore the haters opinions just judge but the indisputable results over and over and stay patient it isn’t a slot machine and a day or a week isn’t patience. God bless stay safe see u all tomorrow🤝💪🔥 $BCRX $SINT $LCA $EVRI $ATOS $AIM $SGBX $SGET
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