$SINT a bit of a mistype in my first message. I am taking profits in OTHER stocks to buy more $SINT tomorrow while it’s under $2. In my opinion with other countries cases rising and flu season and Israel just shutting down etc it’s just the beginning and sint is the real deal. Once it passes $2-$2.50 it may never come back cheap again if big things are announced which I fully expect them to be. It’s just not worth flirting around playing a guessing game in other stocks when sint is this cheap and has such massive potential and aerospace and mask technology announcements soon. I still have my covid basket iv moved money from other things but it’s simply not logical to miss sint while it’s under $2. Anyone remember me saying $TCON was a virtual guarantee at $1.65 and it ran to $4.25 in 10 days? I feel the same way here only much higher potential. Have a good night everyone see you tomorrow 🤝
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