$ABIO what the chartists are missing and a big reason why 90% of investors especially in small caps aren’t profitable is because charts can’t read psychology. They can’t read news or mass mentality and game theory principles and unfortunately for the cult of charting the market movement is dictated by psychological variables and charts simply attempt to map them like the weatherman and Mother Nature. I’m not saying charts aren’t helpful but they should be used for a piece of the puzzle not 80% of your decisions like most people mistakenly do. In tiny floats one piece of news changes all volume all trend all sentiment in a nanosecond and sets new supports and channels instantly. Everyone has access to learn or read charts so why then do you suppose many people don’t make money if they work so well? Those that make the big money can read the road ahead and invest based on savvy and educated moves that invest in what’s coming not what has been like a chart does. Big lesson to learn🤝
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