@Jamz83 @Fails sir no offence to u but the media/polls etc are a disgrace and future generations will correct their negligence here’s what they said in 2016. One of many disastrous lies and attempts to lie to the people. Not only will try no win but he will win the popular vote this time cementing the fact that the majority want him in. The lies and media,celebrity campaign to unseat him is the biggest in history meaning if he wins it will be the hardest election in history to do so. Hope people understand the absolute army of lies against him and remember something.. the media’s job is to be neutral yet fox says this and cnn says that. Do u think once this generation has f media is gone and good new up and comers have their way that they will agree today’s media was neutral? Lol 😂. Their legacy is screwed and not the ne has had the guts to report correctly. Their job isn’t to tell u their opinion it’s to report facts exactly wins and losses and let u decide.u think they’ve done that?
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