@karxarioulis @shanshimbo here’s the real one if u want the facts. Remember no opinion matters including my own so it’s very simple just click @DrMedz spreadsheet and look for yourself u can very easily find any stocks price history by clicking “carv price history” for example into google then clicking the Nasdaq history charts so no need to listen to haters they are everywhere it’s normal with a following the size of 4 Madison square gardens lol u can please everyone especially when so many jealous or angry with their own lives or mentally ill or truthfully some are just undereducated and cant comprehend fact to be honest but truth is right there for anyone to see by themselves. Closed alerts are marked and open ones get a certain amount of time then are closed winner or not that’s it if they are open they are within the time frame and when u see my true accuracy remember that doesn’t include anything that hasent ran atleast 20% we count those as losers if they went 19% or less.Cheers