$SPY yikes I remember when I posted after the Friday fed meeting that it was clear as day psychological variables would send the market down soon. I said by next Friday it would end lower then it did that fed meeting Friday and? Well it didn’t but it was the choppiest week in months with 3 red days and could barely hold green. 3 days later??? And blood red. Only 6/7 times past 3 years have I alerted a market pull back was imminent near within days and 5 of those times I posted specifically which days to enter and right to the hour on a few. U could say it was obvious but theyv been saying that every top for over a year now lol. The actual odds of my exact reads to the day hour and this last post of hitting exactly as and when I said are higher then hitting powerball for u mathematicians out there or for the doubting trolls it’s all recorded every post very specifically. Brag? No a fool would miss the point here. This is another heads up that I never guess. Subscribe for free alerts