$SPY I have nothing against the elderly infact my grandfather god rest his soul was my best friend at 94 years old before he died and we spent every day together walking , talking, “chasing the girls” etc lol but elderly people with cognitive issues like pelosi and Biden shouldent be running the country and responsible for high ranking decisions. U have Biden mumbling and bumbling over his words rarely knowing which country he’s in and pelosi wobbling onto the stage saying “hey I think il go visit Taiwan” let’s poke another tyrant superpower while we already have north Korea and Russia threatening nuclear war lol really? We love our grandparents and elderly but we don’t let them drive the kids to school once at a certain age u understand my point? What is going on in this country where zelenski gets more help then the American people ,illegal immigrants get more funding then our veterans and new York is airing commercials on what to do in nuclear attacks? All to get rid of mean tweets?