My Private Equity is a Real Estate Holding company Doosh! You wouldn't know about that. We have been buying distressed residential and commercial buildings for years. We do 10 Million Private placements. My clients, my family, and myself are about to get our payoff in January at 210% profit you loser. Most of my money is tied up in my business jerk off. I have a little more than $800,000 about to be turned into over 1.7 million in pure profit over three years on this one deal alone. I have several hundred thousand in Stocks more in Gold and other Real Estate. You still live in your Mom's basement in Los Fagotville. I was a Millionaire at 29 now 55 That means multi millions Liberal Doosh. Only Steers and Queers live in Northern Cali. I am better at everything in life than you BITCH. We are we going to box.
@msaph1 wow you are poor. $2k? Lol to private equity guys, $2k is change. And getting excited about 4k share positions on a $7 stock is even funnier. You’re a liar and a loser. Just stfu.
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