$VXRT “Vaccines don’t save lives. VACCINATIONS save lives” ...heard this quote for the first to today. It illustrates why none of the “vaccine race” is really about a speedy vaccine. Rather its about so so much more, of which the vaccine substance is just one component. The “Great Vaccine Race” is really about which vaccine maker (and their partners) can TRULY DELIVER a cost-effective, easy-to-administer, safe, efficacious, and speedy global mass VACCINATION campaign with strong consumer acceptance and HIGH vaccination rates and that actually stops the human-to-human transmission of the virus (sterilizing immunity). Anything less would just extend the pandemic and the medical + economic carnage/struggle. I think Vaxart was built ground-up to vaccinate the masses and actually help end pandemics. They have thought more globally and expansively than other vax makers. The pill form-factor alone proves that. They are best positioned to deliver the VACCINATIONS that save lives!!
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