@Les_Grossman @noslord @ForTheGain @ndouglas48 @BrinaNJ Les, appreciate the insights too. You’ve been right about many things recently. My track record is mixed. We may agree to disagree about some of this. You might see GrandWaliea’s post below. He’s a pharma industry guy and has some insights. As for keeping VXRT a secret. It may not be keeping VXRT secret per se but keeping some of their vaccines secret. Maybe we see their “Covid Vax” but we don’t see all of their vaxes. Maybe they are working with BARDA and OWS in other candidates like the pentavalent combo flu+covid vax that Wouter Latour started to talk about at the Jeffries investor event in June before the line was abruptly cut dead and the event ended or that Peter Kolchinsky at RA Cap cryptically tweets about. Maybe govt can keep that combo vax work secret by muzzling Vaxy and funneling $ to EBS etc. Note on Emergent slides, they do show BARDA having a mfrg slot - for what and who??? Also, not sure it’s as much about
@Les_Grossman @noslord @ForTheGain @ndouglas48 @BrinaNJ Also, it may not be that govt wants Vaxart hidden but maybe they want them to be underestimated and a weak player so as to avoid cyberattacks/preserve IP? If Vaxart looks small and weak and unfunded and unloved, maybe they get little attention and are less likely to get hacked by the Chinese and Russians. I’d imagine other countries would love to know how to make combo vax pills etc. See this WSJ story way back when. Perhaps govt asked Vaxart to be light on details + media. Perhaps govt didn’t fund Vaxart directly to make them appear like a 3rd-rate vax maker. Perhaps they even placed The NY Times story to show OWS wasn’t happy with Vaxart and wasn’t funding Vaxart. All of this might cause foreign govts to underestimate Vaxart and keep espionage efforts on the big OWS funding recipients. If Vaxart, won big direct funding early and major media ran with it, vaxart would be targeted... Maybe but maybe not. I could be wrong.