$VXRT , The KOL revealed alot more info and positives. My take aways are. AA) Noro 1. Dr. Vinje (CDC) - Takeda did not meet phase 2 end points yet in Phasse 3 with USnavy. He said, the pill act on the source/mucosa and it is really good from the data on both strains. 2. I assume - WCCT working on Noro trials among Children not covid 3. P2 - commence early next year. BB) Covid "Vax"cine 1. Dr. Pepper - She said it is elegant and our solution addresses/approach diffrently than others. Both S & N protein available. S - Intramusclars only focuses on S. N could be important too when the virus mutates. 2. Memmory B cells - very important for protection. Pur data shows B, Iga, CD8, CD4. CC) Analysts - Riley, Cantor & HCW. 1. Cantor - I didnt expect Duncan to join. His coverage will surely send the SP much higher. He is intrigued, I think he was too fixated on big boys. Mots anaylyst quetsions were basic except Duncans, which was answered nicely and kinda supported vaxarts data and method.
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