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    Malcolm Campbell Joined Dec 30, 2010

    Bloggin Tweetin business guy with a passion for the markets.


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      Jeremy Toney
      Self educated day and swing trader. Fundamentally focused on charts, breakout, momentum, and strategy trading. Love to make money and help others make money. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. Turning $5k to $1.2 million in 4 years.
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      Jenny Rebekka
      I trade stocks & post ALL my trades live on, which is a 3rd party verification site. Do u have what it takes? #GirlTradersAreBetter :)
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      Giovhanny Archer
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      Trading Break Out Point Is One of the Best Trading Tools To Grow Profit. TradingBOP is an idea for every level of trader to Become a Consistently Profitable Swing Trader. it provides a detailed trading plan and ideas with high probability BOP setups.
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      david pendleton
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      Mandeep Bhullar
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      Becky Hiu Official Account
      Fundamental and technical trader. This is the personal Twitter account of Becky Hiu and is not connected in any way to a professional designation or vocation. Opinions are my own. Trade at your own discretion.
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      apri turner
      I love America
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      I trade stocks and Options. Recriminations fester and the past can never change A womans expectations run from both ends of the range -Peter Dennis Blanfor Townshend Common sense, quick math and distrust of bankers is how I roll.
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      Expert in options/stock trading. Using T/A and F/A analysis, algorithms since 1998.Managed hedge accounts. Presently trading only personal accounts. Expressed opinion or response is only opinion not recommendation for any actions
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      Sameer Dossa
      I try to make fundamental-informed trades based on the timing of technical. I ask a lot of questions but please don't be offended, that's how I learn. 🇨🇦
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      Dan Smith
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      Trader & London Black Cab Driver, Tweets are my opinion not advice #WolvesOfWallStreetUK
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      Quantcha Official Account
      Quantcha is a suite of tools for stock options investments that helps you turn your good idea about a stock into a great options trade.
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      Follow The Cash!
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      Trade-Ideas Quant Official Account
      Trade Ideas is a StockTwits Preferred Content Provider. @TradeIdeasQuant is an AI Engine that looks at the most interesting market events in real-time and reports actionable alerts that investors should be watching. Visit us at
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      Chris Kimble Official Account
      I construct charts to help people capitalize on the excess fear and greed of global investors. My goal: provide research to help investors enlarge their portfolios regardless of market direction. My approach - TBNM or Tops, Bottoms, No Middles
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      Engineer Turned Marketing Dude, Turned Finance Dude, Turned Internet Entrepreneur, Turned Stock Options Junkie. Credit Spreads Specialist. NO PAPER TRADING HERE. >>Email me for market recaps+more:
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      Venky Srinivasan
      Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Opinions or trades here at Stocktwits or in my blog are my own. No affiliation to any organization. Disclaimer: No recommendations/ideas. Trade at your own discretion.