$AMC New Apes Please Read; Nobody who bought back in Jan-May is selling. As you can see in my previous posts I haven't sold any of my 12K+ shares. I'm holding for the new Apes who bought in the 30's, 40's, 50's, on up, like so many others here as well. We have all been down 40-50% at one time and held. I've watched 600K in unrealized gains drop to just under 300K and I still haven't sold. Why? Because I know what these shares are worth. Do Not Listen to the FUD! We all need to stick together during the ups and downs. Citadel is basically bankrupt at this point. They have nothing to lose. They are just delaying the inevitable, and bringing other shorts with them. As others have said, if it takes a year for the MOAS so be it. We will get to pay less in taxes. I have nothing but time. Thanks to the HF's I no longer get emotional watching this stock. :D