$SLV $PSLV In 2009, I met a precious metals investor who introduced me to the American Precious Metals Exchange. At that time, I worked in advertising sales as an account executive and for a while my paychecks were going towards buying kilos of silver. Heavy boxes would arrive via registered mail and inside would be kilo bars of the metal; my average cost was around 12 dollars per oz. To physically hold the #silver was a neat experience. Within a year the price of silver doubled! Excited to have a 100%+ gain, I worked out a deal to lock in a sell price (around $25) with APMEX and then shipped back ALL of the metal bars in exchange for a check. Within weeks, the price of silver rallied to over $50/oz. I felt like I made a big mistake and sold way too early. However, I was then relieved when the prices sold off shortly thereafter to back in the mid 20's but I still wished I sold higher (welcome to behaviroal finance - learning how to recognize and deal with the emotions ).