$SRNE Trend is clearly on the upside. Momentarily this correction may continue and I'm not too worried even if it touches 6.5 to 6.2 levels Look at the chart that I've attached 1. Gann fan looks steadily positioned with support and resistance levels called out with a horizontal line 2. Ichimoku cloud is starting on Nov 17th, with my experience the price movement happens 3 months in advance i.e. Aug 17th week 3. Here and there some correction is possible however clearly the upmove looks more possible 4. If I go by the 4 week chart, support is at 6.5 with resistance at 14 Do you want to be on the short side gaining a $1 momentum downward or wait to enter and pick the tsunami wave until $14? I want to ride the wave to $14, how about you?
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