$UGAZ $DGAZ I will be posting my bias and my prediction for Tuesday of natural gas on Monday. Don't forget that we have an extra long weekend because Monday is Memorial Day. Market will be closed but, will reopen on Tuesday. My post on Monday will contain: 1) My natural gas bias for Tuesday. 2) A detailed, technical explanation of my prediction for natural gas on Tuesday. 3) The post will also be attached with a technical chart of natural gas. *I will repost the same message tomorrow as a reminder for any traders that did not have a chance to see this message. 🐺 | Join my Wolfpack and I to stay updated. Tap the blue follow button in my bio and turn on notification to not miss out on any of my technical breakdown posts. You may learn something new to improve your trading and make more money! Thank you and have a nice day traders.
@ChowskiTheWolf Just found it interesting, I've already made my decision, holding half of a large position in UGAZ, I killed it on Fri. made bank. Bottom line is production is way down and will not be able to ramp up in time for the World's re- opening. Oh, and the weather models are currently bullish. The oldest and most accurate forecast " The Farmer's Almanac" has it as a hot summer and it's in the mid 90's here in Tampa about 7degrees hotter than usual. Have a great weekend. πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸŽ―πŸ˜ŠβœŒ
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@Rodzilla01 @ChowskiTheWolf I like to hear Your opinion on July contract potentially wanting to converge and meet the long continuous ng chart. I feel July contract will want to make new low to make sense of the long ng chart to bounce off of the trend line
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