@Market_Sentiment @BatChild same page. It’s just when is this bullish winter supposed to flip this upside down. Or is it even going to do that? Technical scream yes. Fundamentals say hold on a minute. The election. Warm winter predictions. Had me scratching my head for sure. I’m still leaning bullish just because techs are so strong. But hmmm
@Atrocity @Market_Sentiment @BatChild the drop is justified... look at where the rsi is coming from... I’m guessing 2.0 to 2.10 is where the 30 mark for close to over sold territory will go. It is warranted look at the oversold rsi condition running from July to September .. it’s getting close for a bounce back though... keep in mind if ng wants to play this game again on roll over imagine needing to fill the gap from 2.7/8 to 2.50 all over again likewise can go the other way as well
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