$NVAX Expecting a lot of aggressive shorting activity this week. We got a taste of it this morning, but the floor seems set pre-data in the $3.75 range. May be some more rocky trading sessions this week as the shorts try to wring out their last bits of easy profits before January options expire on Friday. After Friday, the next set of options expire 2/21 which is too late for anyone not willing to bet on the data. Short volume will fall accordingly and the run-up that was interrupted a little over a week ago will resume in earnest. The trouble with my previous price targets is the additional dilution that has taken place. Now expecting a more conservative run-up, but I am still higher than most. Put me in the $8-10 range pre-data with positive data bumping the stock into the $28 range. On either side, always be careful not to bet more than you can afford to lose.
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