$OMER nice move today OMER!! $DIA $DIABLO.X $PG now on to next week, pardon, but if you are looking for a good trade *SMFL* EARNINGS PT - $1.81 to $3.22 and beyond. I am looking for $12m in sales, or even better $12M net, this Q. Earnings report is due next week before the 15th. Projected: $12M x 8 quarters would ALREADY BE 100M in revenues, which is CEO's first goal. On earnings day, SMFL stock goes to... 100M/31Mshares = $3.22 Let's say there is other good news, and sales exceed 12M, and short scramble, and the price closes over $3.25... It's all blue sky, no resistance. Then the funds come in, analysts are forced to initiate and raise. Great American Company! And their cookies are great. Anyone remember TCBY? It went up 100 points after the street finally figured it out.