$VICI Was gonna do one long post on the issuance of shares and all the details around why and what led to it… but I am to mentally exhausted from work this week to put it all together so I’m just going to post a bunch of smaller posts and hope it all makes sense for you guys 😂. Maybe I’ll try to connect it all together when I get all the thoughts out. Okay so the LVS sale started on 3/3. They priced in 60m shares (raising 1.74B) on 3/4 to partially fund the Venetian and other things. On 7/20 they announced they will fund up to 300m of the Blackstone Great Wolf Lodge. On the Q2 earnings call they stated they’d find the LVS deal with 2.4b of equity and 1.6 of debt (wish it would’ve been flipped but it is a very high quality asset so understandable). With this 100m share offering they will now have raised 4.74B, so I am assuming half of each raise goes towards the LVS deal. More details in my response to this initial post…