$CLRB I think people are wrong!!! $CLRB will be $100 - $300. If you are waiting for $3 to cash out, I will be buying your shares. I don't get out of bed for only 100%. In crypto I'm up only 800% because I made some mistakes. In a few months the bull run is over and I'm moving 70% of it into CLRB.
@Woosterwallstreet @Plutus Let's say there is 100 Million shares of CLRB we'll multiply that by $100 and that only gives us a $10B market cap and at $300 per share that's $30B market cap. These are not hard numbers to hit. Obviously amount of shares will change but the numbers are still sound. I'm trying to get my $1million to invest into CLRB. Crypto is recovering, less than 1/10th away!